Questions to ask while Planning A Wedding in 2022

Let’s face it, planning a wedding can be complicated even at the best of times. Add to this the current uncertainty around travel and events in light of COVID-19 restrictions, and it can become a truly daunting prospect! That’s why we at Elevate Weddings and Events have compiled this list of questions to ask while planning a wedding in 2022, to help get you started. 

When should we set the date?

An obvious one, we know. But the date you set your wedding will influence other factors, such as theme and décor, what options are available as regards booking venues, and the availability of your guests. Also, remember to avoid clashing with any major family events like birthdays or anniversaries!  

What is our budget?

Again this may seem self-evident, but it is important that you and your partner are on the same page with your expectations for the big day. Between clothes, booking the venue, food, entertainment, and even the honeymoon, there are many financial factors to consider. We would highly recommend hiring a professional wedding planner to advise you and help navigate the costs, as well as share some saving tips.

How should we handle the invitations?

Wedding invitations are not as straightforward as they used to be; you will have to work within the current government guidelines mandating the number of guests allowed to attend your celebration. Unfortunately, this might mean whittling down your guest list, which will require some care and consideration. Who could you not imagine having there with you? And remember, the earlier you send out your wedding invitations, the better. Give your guests plenty of notice to make their own preparations.

When should we start booking venues and vendors?

Simply put, the sooner the better! However, you will first need to know your wedding date and have a firm idea of your budget and guestlist. There are many more further questions under this heading. What is included in the venue hire? Is there a catering package? Are certain vendors mandatory with this venue? Are there any restrictions, e.g. sound restrictions, or no late licence for the bar? And of course, what COVID precautions are your venue taking?

Is a honeymoon still possible?

Travel restrictions may have made going abroad a more complicated process, but that is no reason to forego your honeymoon! You will just need some extra planning and flexibility. It might be advisable to work with a professional travel agent who will have intimate knowledge of any requirements you might need for your dream destination or details you need to be aware of. Alternatively, you could plan one local honeymoon for now and a more exotic destination for down the road when restrictions are more relaxed. Though we would always recommend travel insurance, for 2022 it is an absolute must, just in case.

Should I hire a wedding planner for 2022?

Do you really need to ask? All jokes aside, hiring a professional to coordinate your big day is always advisable. We want to remove the stress from what should be a joyous time in your life. With weddings and events becoming more complex than ever before, hiring a wedding planner for 2022 is an absolute must!