Full Wedding Planning

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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Elevate Weddings and Events is thrilled to be a part of your special day. Our Full Wedding Planning Package is designed to provide you with comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire wedding planning process, ensuring a memorable and stress-free experience. Here’s an overview of what our package includes:

  1. Initial Consultation:
    • We’ll begin with a detailed consultation to understand your vision, preferences, and requirements.
    • We’ll discuss your budget, guest count, theme, and any specific ideas you have in mind.
    • Our team will gather essential details to create a personalized wedding plan.
  2. Wedding Design and Theme Development:
    • We’ll work closely with you to develop a unique wedding concept and design that reflects your style and personality.
    • Our team will assist in selecting color palettes, décor elements, floral arrangements, and overall aesthetics.
    • We’ll create a cohesive vision board to ensure a consistent theme throughout your wedding.
  3. Vendor Selection and Management:
    • We’ll recommend reputable vendors who align with your preferences and budget, including photographers, caterers, florists, musicians, and more.
    • Our team will schedule vendor appointments, negotiate contracts, and manage all communication and logistics.
    • We’ll conduct regular follow-ups with vendors to ensure they’re on track with their deliverables.
  4. Budget Planning and Management:
    • Elevate Weddings and Events will assist in creating a realistic wedding budget and provide guidance on cost-saving strategies.
    • We’ll track expenses, review vendor proposals, and help you make informed decisions to optimize your budget.
    • Our team will handle all financial transactions and keep you informed about the budget status throughout the planning process.
  5. Venue Selection and Coordination:
    • We’ll research and recommend suitable venues based on your preferences, guest count, and theme.
    • Elevate Weddings and Events will schedule site visits, coordinate with venue staff, and manage contract negotiations.
    • Our team will oversee logistics, seating arrangements, and any necessary venue-related details.
  6. Wedding Timeline and Itinerary:
    • We’ll create a comprehensive wedding timeline, ensuring all events and activities are organized and scheduled efficiently.
    • Our team will coordinate with vendors, bridal party, and family members to ensure everyone is aware of the schedule.
    • We’ll be present on the wedding day to oversee the timeline and address any unforeseen issues.
  7. Wedding Day Coordination:
    • Elevate Weddings and Events will provide on-site coordination on your wedding day.
    • Our team will oversee setup, manage vendor arrivals, and ensure everything is in place according to the plan.
    • We’ll handle any last-minute adjustments, troubleshoot issues, and ensure a seamless flow of events.
  8. Wedding Rehearsal:
    • We’ll conduct a comprehensive wedding rehearsal prior to the big day.
    • Our team will guide the bridal party and family members through the ceremony processional, vows, and other important details.
    • We’ll address any concerns and ensure everyone is comfortable with their roles.
  9. Additional Services:
    • As part of our Full Wedding Planning Package, you’ll have access to our network of trusted professionals, including hair and makeup artists, transportation services, and more.
    • We can assist with guest accommodation arrangements, invitation design, RSVP tracking, and other related tasks.


At Elevate Weddings and Events, our mission is to bring your dream wedding to life. With our Full Wedding Planning Package, you can relax and enjoy the journey, knowing that our experienced team is dedicated to making your wedding day truly exceptional. Let’s embark on this exciting adventure together!